Can I run with my player on?
According to the rules of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) you can not. However, as our marathon is also for amateurs this rule strictly concerns only professional runners. So if you are not running for the first place you may turn it on. Do not forget to adjust the volume to be able to follow the instructions of the judges and the police, the device does not relieve you from this responsibility.
Can I run with my own nutrition?
According to the rules of IAAF, a sportsman can receive a nutrition in two cases:
1) At the official feeding station (it's also allowed to prepare the nutrition at the feeding station in advance, if it's allowed by the officials).
2) Keeping your nutrition with you (in hands, on the belt, it's up to you), beginning from the start
It's prohibited to get the nutrition from the others (trainer, friends, fans, other runners) outside of the feeding station.
It's not strictly controlled among non-leaders. However, we ask our runners to keep to these rules. They are not so difficult.
How can I register an athletic title according to my results?
To register the athletic title of the second and the third grade in Saint Petersburg (if you are not a member of any physical culture school) you should contact local Physical Culture, Sports and Health Center (PCSHC). You should ask them what documents do they need. Usually, they request the extract from the protocol, however sometimes, the electronic protocol from the marathon website or registration sertificate is enough. To get other paper documents please contact our director (see e-mail in Contacts). If you have any problems with PCSC registering an athletic grade you should also contact our director (he reprisents city sports Committee) but only after you contact PCSHC.

To register the atletic title of the first grade it is necessary to contact city sports Committee, but those who run for such grades are already know what to do.
Can I accompany a runner on a bicycle or rollerblades?
No, you can not.
In fact it's quite the same situation like with a player - according to the formal rules of IAAF it's not allowed. But usually the organizators are not really strict with this (for non-leaders), but upon condition that the accompanying person behaves themselves carefully and doesn't disturb other runners. However now the number of runners grows by leaps and bounds so it will be crowdy. 10km runners come to the finish in a crowd, 42km runners spread somehow, but even on the Nevsky prospect (on the 30-32km) they run in a heavy traffic. It's almost impossible to ride on the wheels without hitting someone, so accompanying becomes injury-risky. That's why it's better not to do that.