Pushkin-Saint Petersburg
Traditional athletic run
17 Sep 2017
held the 91st traditional athletic mileage
PUSHKIN - SAINT PETERSBURG, devoted to memory of honored worker of culture, the correspondent of the newspaper "Evening Petersburg"
V. I. Semenov.

A constant distance of 30 km, 15 km, 5 km and 2 km for those who love the highway and did not allow herself to give up and retreat!

The route: the town of Pushkin, station square - Broad street - Oktyabrsky Boulevard - Konyushennaya Ploschad - St. Palace St. Petersburg highway - Pulkovo highway – Saint-Petersburg, Pobedy square - Moskovsky prospect - Fontanka river embankment - Nevsky prospect, Palace square.

- start at a distance of 30 km at 9:00 near the railway station in Pushkin;
- start at the distance of 15 km at 10:00 on Pulkovskoe shosse, 32 a (near office of the company is Neste);
- start at a distance of 5 km at 10:30 in St.-Petersburg on Moskovsky Prospekt, the garden "Olympia";
- start at a distance of 2 km in 10:50 in St. Petersburg on the Embankment of the Fontanka river from Anichkov bridge.

Finish all races run in St. Petersburg on Palace square.

To participate in competitions allowed athletes of all age groups that have passed medical examination and has permission of the doctor on participation in competitions. For foreign participants a doctor's permission is not required.

The maximum limit of participants on the distances: 30 km - 1000, km 15 - 1,000 people, 5 km – 400 persons, 2 km – 200 people.

The time limit to overcome a distance of 30 km and 3 hours. Athlete beyond the established time limit shall, upon request of the jury to terminate a competition and to remove the starting number.

To obtain a starting number, you must present a statement from a physician indicating the distance which allowed the athlete contract (original) on insurance of life and health from accidents and a document certifying age of the participant.

Address Of Organizing Committee:
191186, Saint-Petersburg, Millionnaya street, D. 22,
The Committee for physical culture and sport
phone: (812) 335-69-04, 312-90-15
Fax: (812) 335-69-4, 312-90-15
E-mail: whitenights1@mail.ru, info@wnmarathon.ru

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